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Please be safe during the covid-19 pandemic!
Our covid facemask pattern is availble HERE, and how to sew the mask is shown in the video below

What do we do ?

We offer classes for all levels of students of any age. If your are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, we offer or can tailor a course to support your unique needs. Rev up your sewing machine and get ready to stich! You will discover that sewing is fun. You will learn to create something out of virtually nothing. You will find an outlet for your creativity. Its exciting to work with your hands. When you are finished with your project, you will have something new to wear. There is SO much to learn when you start to sew: To read and, if necessary, alter a pattern. To understand fabrics — what they’re made out of and how to work with them. How to use a sewing machine. How to assemble a garment, to give it those professional touches, and so on. Sewing your own things allows you to have exactly what you want. Sewing is a fantastic way of expressing your creativity. There is no greater sense of satisfaction than holding your head up high and saying ”I made this” when asked where your fabulous clothes/soft furnishings or cushions came from. What could be more exciting than learning so much?

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We can help you achieve your sewing goals

Structured and custom classes

Great environment to learn what you always wanted to know

Courses for beginners, intermediate, advanced, social, etc, etc

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Affordable lessons for all

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Feel free to email us on teacher@sewschool.co.za and we will get back to you as soon as possible